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<h1>MPI Consulting</h1>We help clients in a variety of market sectors define organizational and human resource strategies, as well as design and deploy programs that help them meet their operational objectives. We bring integrity, innovation and execution to every client engagement and relationship.<br /><br />Our consulting talent is the cornerstone of our clients’ satisfaction. That is why we develop our consulting staff with a combination of “big firm” expertise and practical experience from past internal roles. They are the source of our collective innovation – building upon success-tested approaches to provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet their challenges.
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<h1>Strategic Consulting</h1>MPI works with client partners to develop the commercial strategies and business plans essential to building a bright, sustainable future.<br /><br /> We also guide your leadership through the process of preparing the organization for change, and then managing that change moving forward so that it produces the outcome you want and demonstrates success.  Our suite of tools includes holistic Change Management, Leadership Training Workshops, 1:1 Executive Coaching, Strategic Communications, Stakeholder Alignment and Engagement, Key Performance Measurement, and Continuous Improvement.
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<h1>Organizational Development</h1>Once your strategies and business plans are created, you need to be sure your organization has the capability and competencies needed to implement them. Our organizational development consulting services will help you tune your systems and processes and develop talent. We offer a full range of OD services to help you turn strategies into results. Many mission and vision statements are placed into binders and framed on meeting room walls. Fewer become a way of doing business. We will guide you through the steps to operationalize your commercial strategies so that they change how people work and become part of your culture and regular business practices.
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<h1>Compensation and Rewards Consulting</h1>Get what you pay for. Define your employment value proposition and establish its worth in the market and to your stakeholders. Respond to stakeholders fully and precisely so they are confident in your stewardship of the compensation investment in executives and key staff. Acquire and retain the talent that contributes to the value of your organization.  Engage and motivate your talent to grow and add to their value. These declaratives are all relevant today and serve as cornerstones of an effective rewards program – for any level of talent.
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<h1>Labor Consulting</h1>We provide effective tools to remain union-free with an over 90% success rate over hundreds of campaigns. Organizations with unions rely on our services during contract negotiations and for the development of effective day-to-day business practices that build positive employee relations moving forward. Organizations without unions rely on our proactive strategies that build positive employee relationships, engage and enable employees, and enhance the organization's productivity and performance.
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<h1>Project Management</h1>Exceptional project management can help your organization grow and innovate faster than your competition and help improve your bottom line.  Sub-standard project management can fatally cripple a business.  The ability to navigate new territory and achieve continuous transformation is the “new normal”, but project failure is considered commonplace.  Negotiating purpose, motivation, team-building and communication necessary to effectively measure your efforts and achieve desired outcomes is complex.   Is your company ready for the challenge?
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