Effective Communication

The Impact of Effective Communication

Many of us have experienced the negative effects of poor communication in the workplace. It is a surprisingly common challenge with tangible impact on an organization – when information is not shared effectively workplace productivity goes down, crucial tasks are overlooked, business goals are not met, and the organization can become increasingly vulnerable to substantial risk and liability including safety, quality, market performance, union organization.  On the other hand, good workplace communication can have very positive effects on performance, including:

  • increased productivity and quality;
  • enhanced collaboration, teamwork and innovation;
  • higher employee morale and improved employee retention;
  • greater customer satisfaction; and
  • a safer, healthier, more positive work environment overall.

Listening – The Foundation of Effective Communication

The basis of effective communication is listening. Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. Listening is key to all effective communication, without the ability to listen effectively messages are easily misunderstood – communication breaks down and the sender of the message can easily become frustrated or irritated. The introductory video provided here will give you an introduction to the importance of listening and some of the examples used in our training programs in effective communication.  A full set of our training videos can be purchased at the right.

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Effective Communication Should be a Core Competence for Every Organization

While it is unrealistic to assume that every employee will become an expert communicator, a good foundation of effective communication skills is a necessary requirement for nearly every job description.  In fact, it is critical to the overall performance of your  organization that you develop broad-based competence in communication for leaders of others, such as middle managers and supervisors.  They should share a common language around communication and be held accountable to a common set of standards in effectiveness.

Our Training Package in Effective Communication – Listening

MPI offers training through live, interactive workshop sessions scheduled onsite at your facility with your employees.  Our workshops are customized to your business and circumstances based on your strategic goals for the organization.  Workshops vary from ½ day sessions to 3 full-day seminars.  Our training  includes in-depth exploration of  best practice models, scenarios and role plays that help participants experience obstacles and keys to success, and then actual  goal setting, project planning and application of key learnings.  You can click to the right to get more information about our Organizational Development Consulting services and purchasing our workshops.

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The MPI Approach to Adult Learning

Our approach to training is based in the five components of Knowles’ theory of adult learning, and therefore focuses on collaborative learning that is:

  • interactive,
  • relevant to the participants’ experience,
  • practically incorporates real-life application of specific techniques,
  • develops the participants’ ability to solve work-place problems, and
  • Enables participants to plan ahead and achieve specific, targeted outcomes.