MPI Consulting Management Performance Compensation Analysis


Define employment value proposition and establish its worth in the market and to your stakeholders. Become confident in your stewardship of the organization’s compensation system. Acquire and retain talent that contributes to the value of your organization. Engage and motivate your talent to grow using the cornerstones of an effective rewards program – for all levels of talent.

MPI Consulting Rewards Practice aligns your rewards program with the organization’s employment value proposition and deploys systems and plans to recognize and acquire talent. Define strategy, design programs and implement systems.


The ability to balance the needs to attracting and retaining talent with fiscal responsibility of the organization is a key priority for executives. Compensation benchmarking provides the information leaders need to define the costs associated with salaries and other compensation components such as profit sharing or bonuses.


An executive’s compensation package affects everyone within a company. Often it is considered the yardstick by which all other employee benefits and bonuses are measured and negotiated. Moreover, the executive’s compensation may is an indicator of how well the company is performing. This performance may in turn translate into more generous compensation package for employees.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to how businesses pay their salespeople. Your sales management team must understand your company’s overall goals and structure compensation in order to align with them. Sales compensation should be not just a tactical focus for your organization but a strategic one as well.


Your Rewards Strategy must be deliberately created to support its own unique human capital strategy. An effective Rewards Strategy enables organizations to deliver the right amount of rewards, to the right people, at the right time, for the right reason.