Executive Total Compensation Database

We recently launched our Executive Total Compensation Database to gather and report the type of data that organizations need to fully manage their executive compensation programs and ensure legal and IRS compliance. Our database covers:

  • Base pay
  • Annual incentives
  • Long-term incentives
  • Health and welfare benefits
  • Retirement benefits with total income replacement ratios
  • Executive benefits and perqs

Results are summarized using descriptive statistics (e.g. mean, median, 75th percentile) and provide regression analysis outputs for base salary, total cash and total direct (including long-term incentives and retirement benefits) compensation.

Our surveys uniquely provide data on broad-based and executive retirement benefits.  Like other surveys, we gather and report on practice data – for example, what was your 403b/401k contribution for last year or what percentage was contributed to the CEO’s SERP. But we also engage our actuaries to project the amount of income that the total benefits will replace at retirement age. Our income replacement ratios (the percentage of final pay provided during retirement) give the participant the ability to fully compare their retirement benefits across all organizations, regardles of the type of retirement vehicles used. Our data can help you compare your 403b plan to even those organizations who still use a pension plan or a combination of plans.

Surveying the top three levels of executives, our database currently covers three market sectors. Please follow a link below to learn more about a sector’s database: