Winning A Corporate Campaign At A Fortune 200 Manufacturer


A Fortune 200 Corporation with ties to auto manufacturing became a corporate campaign target. Several of the company’s manufacturing sites were targeted throughout the United States. Union organizing tactics included corporate attacks and aggressive website pages towards the company. The union also distributed DVDs to employee homes. Other tactics included traditional organizing methods such as hand billing, union meetings with employees, picnics for employees, having a state senator speak to employees at a union rally, home visits, telephone calls to employees’ homes, engagement of union members from other union facilities, former employees participating in the campaign on behalf of the union, letters to employees from another union local, etc.


MPI Labor Consulting was engaged to assist the client in remaining union-free. We identified employee concerns and issues, assessed the demographics of the workforce, and determined the level of interest and support for union representation. Most importantly, MPI developed a strategic communication plan in order for employees to make an informed decision on the union issue.


Ultimately, this Fortune 200 Corporation, with the assistance, strategic direction, and guidance from MPI, prevailed in all campaigns when the union was defeated in multiple representation elections. MPI worked closely with corporate and plant leadership to overcome vulnerabilities that had resulted in the company’s losses to the union in three previous elections before learning of MPI’s services and record of success in union campaigns and elections.