Organizations with and without unions rely on MPI Consulting’s services during negotiations, collective bargaining and for the development of effective employee engagement practices.

Human Resources plays a major role in the basic tenets of employee and labor relations. MPI takes great pride in helping clients resolve employee labor disputes through proactive employee engagement practices, inclusive culture development and investigations.


Although unions can provide employees with a voice, they can be extremely costly for an organization and potentially disrupt the ability of employees to work directly with management to build an inclusive workplace culture. As a full service Human Resource company, MPI Consulting specializes in working with clients to develop positive employee relations strategies which can help eliminate the need for 3rd party organizing.  Our areas of focus include but are not limited to: Strategic Human Capital Management, Employee and Labor Relations, Strategic HR Consulting, Organizational Development, Employee Surveys and Positive Employee Engagement Strategies, Front Line Manager and Supervisor Training, as well as Total Rewards and Market Compensation Analysis. MPI Consulting works directly with employers or with employer’s General Counsel and has relationships with more than 150 law firms across the U.S.

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Build more positive employee/ employer relationships. Manage labor challenges proactively to ensure a positive outcome that benefits the company and its employees.

  • Employee Relations Assessments
  • Employee Relations Strategies and Activation
  • Team-Building and Leadership Development
  • Effective Communications
  • Cultural Competence Training
  • Compensation and Benefits Consulting
  • Employee Engagement Best Practices
  • Corporate Campaign Management
  • Win-Win Labor Relations and Negotiation


MPI Consulting has a 45 year history in helping clients build positive employee cultures which connect companies to employees and employees to companies.