Supreme Court Decision – Win For Teacher’s Union

Supreme Court Decision - Win For Teacher's Union

The Supreme Court recently split on a decision regarding mandatory dues which would have affected all public employee unions in almost two dozen states. The Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case involved public employees in California who are required to pay dues to a union even if they aren’t members.  The unions’ position is that since the non-union employees are getting the benefits of the union’s bargaining power, the non-union employees should share in the costs also.  This decision means that the lower court ruling stands and keeps intact a nearly 40 year-old precedent.

Plaintiffs had argued that the mandatory fee collection violated their First Amendment rights against compelled speech as they would possibly be subsidizing activities performed by the union which they didn’t agree with.  A decision against the California Teachers Association could have affected millions of employees and severely hampered unions’ abilities to collect dues.

Unions have gained an advantage as it appears very likely that Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court will remain empty until after the next Presidential election.  It only makes sense that unions will work all the harder to organize while the current environment favors their efforts.

MPI Consulting has a 42 year history in over +350 campaigns with a +90% success rate in helping clients remain union free.  As a full service Human Resource company, MPI Consulting specializes in working with clients to develop preventative employee strategies to avoid 3rd party organizing attempts in key areas such as: Labor Relations, Strategic HR Consulting, Organizational Development, Employee Survey and Employee Engagement Strategies, Front Line Manager and Supervisor Training, as well as Market Compensation and Benefits Analysis.

As stated recently by John Hawkins, MPI President|CEO, “this development was a real win for unions in mandatory fee law states.  Employers now need to be even more diligent about their prevention strategies campaigns…prevention is the key to sustainable success”.

MPI Consulting works directly with employers or with employer’s General Counsel to manage labor campaigns in partnership with more than 150 law firms across the U.S. to help clients remain union free.

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